June 6, 2016

Private Limited Company registration in Bangalore

Private Limited Company registration

It is the most popular type of company registration followed in India from very long time. It is the type of business firm that is flexible for the requirements to get satisfy at any instant of time. Most of the startup companies in India follows this form with their valuable feature like fund raising. So the capital raising is not a big issue during the functioning of the company. This business structure is being registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs as per the company’s act of 2013. Shareholders of the company have to take care on the board meeting conducting throughout a year also the annual return filings of the company. In India other than private limited company, there are some other legal forms like LLP Company registration, OPC company registration and so on is performed. Every company formation process being carried forward based on the number of people involved in it and also about the capital requirements.

Let us evaluate the basic information necessary for doing a private limited company registration

FAQ for PVT LTD Company registration

Is the applicant presence during the process necessary?

NO, since the pvt ltd company registration process is proceeded through online. All the documents that are required are submitted electronically. Thus the applicant presence during the process is not necessary.

How to choose company name?

Company name fixing process is evaluated in the earlier stage itself to avoid the duplication, by checking MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) website the suggested name for the company can be checked whether it is already taken by any other concern. If it is not available then you are not supposed to move towards that name otherwise that name can be followed for trademarked. Only after those activities the company name which acts as a brand reference can be owned by you alone. Finally after the process of Private limited company registration the entity name should end by “Private limited”.

What is DSC in the process?

Electronic documents which is submitting in the registration process is signed as digital signature using an instrument called DSC (Digital Signature Certificate), authorized by the certifying authority. Shareholders of the company must use DSC for the signing activities

What are all the documents required for the process?

  • Shareholders Identity Proofs like PAN Card, Address proof, Resident Proof
  • No objection certificate from the owner

What is the rule followed for the number of members in the company?

Directors should be minimum of two and it can be maximum of 15. Shareholders should be minimum of two and can be maximum of 50 from anywhere.

How long will be the private limited company registration process?

It is purely dependent on the registrar workload, it would not take more than 15 days for the registration process in India.

What is the validity of a private limited concern?

Validity is there for longer time period by meeting all the annual compliances. Otherwise the company will go dormant and again the registration has to perform altogether

What do the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association of a company means to?

The organization mission and vision of their services along with the rules and regulations, Role of the company shareholders and directors is mentioned in these documents. Please note that these documents are mandatory for the company registration.

Key Advantages of Private Limited Company

  1. Easy Transferable

Share holdings of the company can be easily transferable with the usage of share certificate

  1. Property can be owned

A company can acquire or own, enjoy property in its own name. None of the shareholder can claim upon the property of the company as long as the company is a going concern.

  1. Limited Liability

The liabilities of the company shareholders are limited based on the company debts

  1. Borrow capacity

For a private limited concern the process of borrowing funds as per the requirements can be performed

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