July 20, 2016

Foreign branch office setup in Bangalore- India

Foreign company registration in India

In India the people from other countries can start their business by following our government rules and regulations. The Major cities in India like Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, New Delhi, Kochi, and Coimbatore have already occupied with most of the foreign companies branch offices. Every business people have their ultimate intention towards the global market by attaining their respective business in a stable stage. Corproots offers you perfection on the service for Foreign branch office setup in Bangalore- India. It may be the first time to you for this registration process so that we are providing you sufficient information about the foreign branch office in India.

Open foreign branch office in India

Expansion of business is the process behind the branch office setup of any company anywhere in the world.     Making an attention towards several locations in their business will help to reach the product or service to those places. Expansion of small market into a large one is the motive of every branch office of the companies. The reach in market will raise the demand for the product or service depending upon market condition. Once the demands in business reach the optimum level then it is the time to enhance the company’s every aspect for the future market. So the concerned authorities have set plans for the branch offices in the specified location based on the market. Every time a branch is setting up in the name of the parent company still the requirement of registration is important. The companies can open their branches either in the same country with several locations or in foreign countries.

Document for the process

An expert consultation for the branch office company setup is required for an effective completion of process. Business activities are analyzed well for the initial stage of registration along with the requirements of sufficient documents. An Indian national for his or her business startup use their PAN Card, Address Proof, Resident Proof for the registration procedure. At the same time a foreign nationalist requires his or her Passport for the verification. If there is any need of translation in the documents then an official translator should accompany the concerned person through out the process.

Registration steps

  1. Once the verification of the documents is completed then it is the stage of processing the registration. Now our role to the registration procedure stars by filing your application with Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) Director Identification Number (DIN).
  2. The company name approval from the company registrar. Few more process are there for the company name registration with some documentation.
  3. Incorporation of the company needs the certificate of incorporation
  4. The company requires the PAN and TAN and it is applied finally

Further more assistance for the registration you can reach Corproots at any time to make sure company is safe for future.