Shareholders agreement preparation for PVT LTD company

Learn about shareholders agreement

As you the company involving certain number of directors and shareholders must sign up an agreement mentioning the equal investment. An agreement which establish relationships of the shareholders to the company for the finest operation. Basic details covered in Shareholders agreement preparation for PVT LTD company is mentioned as followed:

  • The rights and obligations of the shareholders in agreement
  • Sales shares of the company have the rights and obligations need to be followed by the shareholders
  • Company management will have the rights and obligation for the shareholders
  • Investors rights and obligations have to be followed

If you find learning more about the shareholders agreement format, below provided the required format.

Shareholder agreement- Party

While developing the agreement parties of the shareholders need to be defined by giving the reason. The definition of parties is similar to the clause following.

“Number of shareholders in the company have agreed to become Equity Partners with the investment of their shares subjected to the condition that they shall enter into a Shareholders Agreement”

“The shareholders have agreed to manage the company unitedly, company formed under the Companies Act, 2013 (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”)

Shareholder agreement- Business activity

It is required to mention the business activity of the shareholders were they have to be together on work as a part of the shareholders agreement.

Shareholder agreement- Authorized paid up capital

Shareholders agreement should contain the information about the investor shares he/she purchased and also the paid up share capital of the company. A consent including the capital investment in the company will not raise for future without the knowledge of the shareholders in a written format.

Shareholders agreement- Board of directors

The board of directors in the company have to be defined like their rights and duties. The company’s quorum meeting should be defined if it is different as in Articles of Association.

Shareholders Agreement- Voting

A written consent meaning the process of voting resolutions in the company for the shareholders is defined in agreement along with that resolutions is defined by the board of directors.

Shareholders agreement- Auditors

The shareholders and directors have agreed for no change requirement of the auditors in the company for future in consent of written document.

Shareholder agreement- Transfer sales

The case of sales or transfer shares is detailed in the shareholders agreement. If there is any refusal of shares for selling can only be allowed in the company is defined in the agreement.

Shareholders agreement- Arbitration

Any disputes raised in the company has to be resolved soon as possible is clearly defined in the agreement.

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  • Hello,

    Is there any limits for shareholders. How can we put some restriction on shareholders of pvt ltd. If any of shareholder start cheating in company, then what to do in this situation.


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