Setting up of branch office in India

Setting up of branch office in India

Would you like to setup branch office in India? Foreign investment in India is an asset for the nation economically. Rules and regulations varies for the countries to the process of business registration similarly for branch office setup. Major goal of such office setup triggers the process of globalization in the business market. Corproots expert helps you for satisfied service in office set for foreign company in India.

Branch office for any business organization can be opened in a foreign country for different purposes. Company’s requirements may vary for their branch setup in other countries. Few people may require a branch setup for their name sake but others may require a complete established office environment. In our country the conditions are there to open branch office setup. In this article we shall see more about the branch office setup in India and its procedures

Purpose of branch office in India

Foreign countries like USA have their majority branch offices in India for the ease of wide market coverage. Requirement of USA based companies does not specific in a field alone, their business covers the following areas:

  • Import and export of goods
  • Rendering companies like professional consultancy services
  • Research requirements were the main part of the company is engaged
  • Rendering IT service based companies and other technical support services

Documents required for the branch office setup

  • Three copies of FNC form
  • Letter is required to RBI from the parent company by the principal officer
  • By favoring the local representative submit the letter of authority from the parent company
  • Submit the company incorporation certificate in English along with other documents like MOA, AOA attested by the Indian Embassy
  • Updated balance sheet of the company which is audited and other annual account details of the past 3 years are required
  • Authorized person details of the home country is mandatory
  • Banker’s certificate
  • Product and other service details of the company in the home country is required
  • An account in any Indian bank is also mandatory



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