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Online shopping ideas

Online shopping ideas are awaiting in various countries with more popularity. In India the shopping online concept have raised recently and it is the best option used by many people all over in major cities for their relax purchase. Emergence of internet technology in the present world have spread its usage to every level of people. Finance is an important criteria for the business organization to run their actions to obtain profit. Small scale to large scale industries are now a days do their business activities depending on the offline and online customers. Internet helps the business field to get their easy connection from their local area to worldwide.

Clothing and other products through online made the people to less their roaming to here and there and focusing on any high speed internet service provider usage to select their favorite collections in their hand. Flipkart, Amazon, Jabong, Craftsvilla etc. are some of the frequently using shopping website for every products in India. Here we are discussing about a seller based registration process for the online shopping site, an exclusive showroom of fantastic collections that attracts people all over.

Buyers and sellers are the backbone of business transaction in this system which followed by our ancient people to till now. Only the value exchange have changed from the past days to the present scenario. Money value for the buyer as well as to the seller is equally important in our life. When you are supposed to buy anything in online there must be any seller to sell that to you. So seller’s products for you is made by the process of seller registration in Procedures for the registration may be slightly varying for the companies. That means the process of flip kart may not be same as Amazon, it will change accordingly for the companies and their excellent features.

Seller registration on market place

Indian handmade crafts have its amazing unique ethic goods, vintage items, organic and other products online with standard affordable price.  Usual purchase for clothing and lifestyle brought about as much of customers in India widely compared to other shopping sites. Music and books also stand equal in the sale structure of clothing accessories.

Crafts villa offers easy registration for the sellers across India to get their brand popularity and fast market of products. They are promoting many sellers to the people who love handmade collections and also other trendy products. Let us see the registration process of Crafts villa seller side

Here is your steps:

  1. Registration form is appeared on your screen
  2. Start filling your fields related to the business and go ahead with the product details
  3. Once the seller details is completed, dashboard is appeared for an outer evaluation.
  4. Details like product SKU, Category, price, name, description, discount details, photos, and inventory details.
  5. There some requirements should be satisfied for every shopping site seller registration process.

Then you just check for the below details.

Company registration

Normal business registrations need to be registered in any specific legal forms, but crafts villa is recommended for the sellers to be registered as LLP or Private limited company in order to get limited liability constraints for your business activity. While registering your business as any corporate entity then the scalability and transferability of business will be good for future.

Service tax registration or VAT registration

VAT or TIN used for the normal business entity registration is not mandatory for seller registration. The platform in which the seller need to introduce the taxable products or services is proposed.

PAN and Bank account

Again PAN document is not mandatory for the seller registration. Bank document of the seller is required for the payment process

Trademark registration

It is the basic procedure followed by every business entity in order to protect their asset. Similar to that any online platform for the selling process must follow the trademark registration process. Ensure your brand is trademarked for any future problems in marketing.



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